4×4 MIMO Outdoor Antenna Enclosure with Gigabit PoE Router and Quectel EM160R-GL Bundle

700 3800MHz Cellular 8dBi Directional 4x4 MIMO Antenna ± 45° RJ45 Connector 2

Our 4×4 MIMO outdoor antenna enclosure bundles are all you need to get online with a complete functioning outdoor High Speed wireless internet system. Inside of our outdoor 4×4 MIMO Flat Panel Directional Antenna and router enclosure we use our WiFiX NEXP1GO Gigabit PoE Router and the Quectel Wireless EM160R-GL cellular modem. It comes complete with all the parts to get it completely built and functioning, just add your activated data SIM**.

The Wireless Haven has put together this complete router enclosure bundle with all the necessary parts for you to assemble an outdoor High Speed cellular gateway router, taking the guesswork out of parts purchasing. We match all the parts exactly as we like to build them ourselves, as well as from favorite builds by our community over at https://wirelessjoint.com.


For full details of each individual product in this bundle, please see their individual listing pages below:
NEXP1GO Gigabit PoE Cellular Router
Wireless Internet Modem – Category 16 – Quectel EM160R-GL
Mini-PCIe to M.2 (NGFF) Key B 4G 5G Modem Adapter
WiFix 4×4 MIMO Flat Panel Directional Antenna and Enclosure with RJ45 Bulkhead Connector and Mounting Hardware
48V 72W PoE++ rated PoE Power Injector
Qty 4 x MHF4 to U.FL Pigtail Adapter
Low Profile Black Adhesive Router PCB Mounting Pads
Qty 2 x PCB Thermal Heat Transfer Pads (30mm x 30mm x 6mm) – 2 Pack
WiFiX Outdoor Enclosure SIM Card Slot Extender – Micro to Mini

Optional Items:
Copper Heatsink for 5G Modems – 4mm – Low Clearance – HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU GET THIS OR ONE OF YOUR OWN. Modems like these do NOT do well without heat dissipation.
Power Cable 5 foot 3 Prong Grounded to C13 Style
5 In 1 SIM Card Adapter Kit With Emery Sanding Board
Router Build Assembly and Configuration Service Level 3


NOTE: This is a bundle of individual parts that the customer must assemble and configure themselves. If you would like it to be assembled for you, we offer this as an additional service. Add the Router Build Assembly and Configuration Service Level 3 item to your cart by checking the box next to it, on the item options to the right of this description.

** PLEASE NOTICE: Cellular service providers may require activating a specific hotspot data plan to use on a cellular internet device.   The carriers are constantly updating and/or modifying existing cellular plans.   It is the customer’s sole responsibility to assure a compatible cellular plan is available prior to purchasing cellular related components.


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