700-2700MHz Round 3dBi 4G LTE Omni Antennas SMA Male (PAIR)

600-6000MHz 4G 5G 4-5dBi Sticker Type Flat Antenna: MHF4 Connector Made by Quectel Wireless

700-2700MHz Round 3dBi 4G LTE Omni Antennas SMA Male (PAIR)

The 700-2700MHz Round 3dBi 4G LTE Omni Antenna is a wide band and compatible with the majority of cellular bands in the USA.   They are vertically polarized with an omni-directional radiation pattern and does not require a ground-plane.

The antennas are constructed of high quality TPE for use with 4G/LTE routers and terminals.  It can be used in an upright (straight) position or hinged 90 degrees.

Sold in pairs (2 antennas).  Available in SMA or RP-SMA Male connectors.  This listing is for the SMA version.

These SMA antennas are good upgrades for the Black Mini PCI-E Adapter Enclosure, or the M.2 Adapter Enclosure as well as additional antennas when you upgrade to a 4×4 MIMO modem.

NOTICE: SMA and RP-SMA look similar but are two different type connectors.  They are not interchangeable.

To understand the difference refer to THIS DOCUMENT


Frequency Range 698-960/1710-2170/2500-2700MHz
Band width 262/460/200MHz
Gain 3dBi
V.S.W.R ≤2.5:1
Radiation Omni-Direction
Polarization Vertical
Maximum Input Power 50W
Impedance 50Ώ
Connector SMA Male
Antenna Radome Material TPEE
Dimensions Φ .512 in (13mm)  x 7.75 in (197mm)
Weight 35g
Operating Temperature -40℃ to+70℃
RoHS Compliant YES


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