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Cellular Tower Survey Reports

JettDigitals Cellular Tower Survey Reports take the hassles out of locating the closest Cellular Carrier Tower available at your location. We provide you with a PDF report containing the tower location, headings, distance, elevation and other useful information.

The PDF Reports are offered in two levels of service:

  • PDF with Above Information and Satellite Images
  • PDF with Above Information, Satellite Images and KMZ Google Earth File

Survey Reports are prepared and delivered via email within 3-4 business days. Please direct all survey inquiries to our contact page.

Your personalized PDF report contains:

  • Closest towers to your location based on your choice of carriers
  • Determining if the height of an antenna mask/tower will obtain Line of Sight with a cellular tower
  • Knowing the exact heading to use for aiming a directional antenna

Breaking down your PDF report, it contains information on each carrier tower to include:

  • Carrier Name
  • Distance in Miles from Router Antenna to Tower
  • Heading in Degrees from Router Antenna to Tower
  • Latitude for Both Router and Tower
  • Longitude for Both Router and Tower
  • Elevation at Sea Level
  • Tower Height
  • Line of Sight (to the Tower)
  • Type of Obstructions (if any)
maps link

The tower survey information is conveniently compiled on the first page of the report. If you can use a compass, or even just Google Maps, pointing your home router antennas will be easier than ever. We give you direct Google Maps links to your chosen towers!

Make Your Life Easier With Ready Compiled Tower Information

Survey Disclaimer: Cellular carriers are constantly constructing and modifying towers to accommodate new features, frequencies and bands. Today’s carriers can change frequency bands via their NOC using software within minutes, so we do NOT provide which bands are on towers due to this fact. All efforts are made to ensure the accuracy of our provided tower/carrier information. The information you receive is based on the most current available data from private and public databases.

It is simple to get your cellular tower survey report started. Pick the number of carriers / towers below by clicking on the buy button. After successful payment, you will be directed to a form with simple and similar questions like this:

tower survey forms 1

Only Basic & Simple Information Needed

  • Choose your carriers which is based on the number you picked upon purchase. Currently we only support four (4) max.
  • Choose your home antenna height. If your antennas are located on a mast (or will be), pick from range in dropdown. If attached to router, pick that option.
  • Now you will need to provide your real name and recommend using name associated with purchase.
  • We need the EXACT street / property address where the router is (or will be) located Very important of us to have the correct information.
  • If you have a apartment, suite or other number / letter, provide that also.
  • Enter your City and State.
  • Enter the correct zip code for the location.
  • Latitude / Longitude. If you can provide this data, it will highly increase the accuracy of your cell tower survey. We provide you with a couple of tools to find your latitude & longitude on form.
  • Enter your email address. This is where will communicate with you if need be and send your final tower survey.
  • Enter your phone number. This should be the same as you use for your credit card billing. Without you order can be cancelled without notice.
  • If you have any other information that will help complete your survey, please enter in the additional notes area.

Order Your Tower Survey Report

One Tower Survey

Only $25.00

Google Maps KMZ File
Included At NO Extra Cost!

Two Tower Survey

Only $45.00

Google Maps KMZ File
Included At NO Extra Cost!

Three Tower Survey

Only $65.00

Google Maps KMZ File
Included At NO Extra Cost!

Four Tower Survey

Only $85.00

Google Maps KMZ File
Included At NO Extra Cost!

Selecting an antenna can be complicated. But, we can point you to the best type which is compatible with the distance, heights and terrain for your surrounding area.