Terry Jett here, the owner of JettDigitals and I would like to extend a warm welcome to you! Really appreciate you taking the time out of your day to visit my "Family Subscriptions" page.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are arriving here after receiving a message about joining, it means that sometime in the past 10 years we have done business is some form or fashion.

Over the past 10 years
I have bought entire websites, participated in many product give-a-ways, created software for myself and many others, created join venture Warrior Special Offers, jv's with over 50 others and numerous digital projects. This resulted in having 28 sites and they all had their own self-hosted email autoresponder. Sadly I NEVER even emailed some contacts...

Time to STOP the madness, clean up those sites and start using my long time favorite autoresponder GetResponse.

So using GetResponse will not only streamline my business so I can focus on creating new products, it will ensure my valued subscribers can easily change their information at anytime. This move is all about you, my valued subscribers.

If You Arrived Here After Receiving An Email From My Old Accounts, DO NOT Worry! I Will Only Send The One Inviting You To Remain With JettDigitals! Then I Will DELETE Those Old Accounts & Ready Many Of The Sites For Sale or Decommission...

I want to give YOU the opportunuity to continue being part of my Family!
BUT THIS CAN ONLY HAPPEN IF YOU use one of the link above and signup.

ALL Self-Hosted Autoresponders Will Be Deleted In The Next 30 Days Along With ALL Associated Emails...

Again please take note that you will NOT be added to any email lists UNLESS to click above and choose one. If you have no desire to join the JettDigitals Family this will be the last communications from me. Love to have you be part of the Family but understand if you wish not to be.

No matter your decision I wish you the the best of luck in your current and future online endeavors.


Terry Jett